Electric charging point

To encourage our visitors to use electric vehicles, we've got a charging station for 2 vehicles.
This choice is consistent with our new "Between Vines and Forests" Pedestrian Route, developed thanks to the Bulle Verte and our membership in the first "low-carbon" Wine Route in France.
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A new Carbonnieux cuvée
A prestigious micro-cuvée entirely dedicated to the legendary Semillon grape variety and made from the estate's oldest vines. A unique and exclusive dry white wine for the 2020 vintage, whose delicacy should delight your taste buds.
Available soon at the estate in wooden cases of 1 or 3 bottles.
Limited quantity.
Info +33 557 96 56 20


Thursday August 24, 2023
it's the end of a week of heatwave but it's also the start of the harvest!
The first taste of the very promising aromas of the grapes that could ripen quietly during an averagely mild summer but under close supervision to avoid any outbreak of mildew.

atelier degustation_Chateau Carbonnieux

CHEESE & WINE pairing workshops

Next workshops:

Sat. 30 March, 2023
Sat. 27 Apr., 2024
Sat. 25 May, 2024...
Workshop last Saturday of every month at 10:30 am

More information/booking
→Tasting Workshop
or tel +33(0)5 57 96 56 20

Limited places (12p.). Price 25€. Approx 2 hours (visit included).
With all sanitary precautions

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JUNE 29th at 8:30 p.m.
Festival des Festes Baroques
Concert-show Chanteurs d'oiseaux (Bird Singers)
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JULY 26th at 8:30 p.m.
Festival Musique en Graves

Rencontres Musicales Internationales des Graves
Piano Recital by the virtuoso Georgijs OSOKINS
Warsaw, birthplace of Chopin
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gamme nouvelles étiquettes carbonnieux


Almost all the labels of our wines have been redesigned to harmonize around the flagship emblem that illustrates our white wine:
the scallop shell.
A gentle revolution that will bring better consistency and greater unity to all of our wines, all from the same vineyard.
- Château Carbonnieux white and red
- La Croix de Carbonnieux white and red
- Château Tour Léognan white and red


In order to reproduce the gesture of Thomas Jefferson who offered Château Carbonnieux the first pecan tree on European soil 235 years ago, Mrs. Campbell Bauer, Ambassador of the United States in France came at home to replace our old companion who had suffered severe damage in September 2022.
A moving moment because it celebrates the friendship of our two nations and the commitment to look after this young pecan tree as long as its predecessor.🌳🌿

certificate_Château Carbonnieux_2021

A New Reward

Our wine,
Classified Grand Cru,
has been very appreciated by the famous German magazine WEINWISSER.

This wine is still in barrels, it was tasted en primeur, it will only be available in 2023.