Each year Château Carbonnieux offers its visitors the opportunity to discover its new favorite artist

Temporary Exhibitions 2021

German sculptor artist

Enjoy the elegance and grace of these slender figures who took a break in the green setting of the Château courtyard

Free access from the end of August to the end of October 2021
The rest of the exhibition can be found at the Valérie PETER gallery
(60 rue Bouffard-Bordeaux)

A regional artist

Enjoy Bordeaux city, the Bassin d’Arcachon, the vineyard through the eyes of this cosmopolitan painter who uses diverse techniques: watercolor, acrylic, oil

Free entry from May to October 2021
On request at the reception of the château

Permanent Exhibitions

Château Carbonnieux has some original collections

to discover on the course of your visit:

  • Old cooper’s or winemaker’s tools
  • Vintage cars
  • Pitchers and Toby jugs…

Previous Temporary Exhibitions


An exhibition full of surprises:
a serie of colourful paintings
about an everyday object: the corkscrew
as you’ve never seen it before,
all kinds of models,
enough to make collectors jealous.

→ Learn more about H. FLEURY


Feminine artwork both poetic and symbolic

DOTTY – Sculptures

bronzes are single or full colour

and highly recognizable by their finesse

→ Learn more about DOTTY


François Maurisse, local artist,

defines himself as an “exflorator”.

Herbettes and Vinoglyphs,

strange characters created from Nature (flowers and leaves)

A new art form that is both ephemeral and sustainable

→ Learn more about François Maurisse


Inès DIARTE  Exhibition

Franco-Spanish artist whose work

describes earth, grapes and wine…

In harmony with the material, attracted by light,

her engravings and etchings are formed from steel plates

→ Learn more about Inès Diarte


Jean-Pierre MARLADOT Exhibition

Poet-Watercolorist from Gironde

A lover of Cap Ferret and old Bordeaux houses

His paintings evoke the passage of time and reflect light on things.

Spotted by Pierre Frey, he also paints stacks of fabrics and series of all kinds of objects

→ Learn more about JP Marladot

2014 and 2015

Association COULEURS et PASSION Exhibition

Photos about the vine and wine

A group of amateur photographers,
directed by the artistic eye of Alain Gariteai chose Château Carbonnieux to carry out their annual work

This superb collection is now on permanent exhibition at Château Carbonnieux, and can be viewed throughout the year in our tasting room


Gilles SARTHOU (✝︎) Exhibition

Self-taught painter, native of the Landes

Animals, the Arcachon basin and motor sports are his three favourite, not to say passionate subjects

His paintings are generous as well as decorative.

Oils, gouache, red chalk, pencils….

→ Learn more about Gilles Sarthou


Arnaud FAUGAS Exhibition

Watercolorist and illustrator from Bordeaux via the United States

Full of humor and full of charm, his work comes in small and large formats and tells of his travels, his love of wine, his philosophy of the world …

→ Learn more about Arnaud Faugas


“Living Nature” Exhibition by Christophe CONAN

Sculptor and painter, adopted by Bordeaux

No material repels this eclectic artist driven by existential questions.
Metal, wood, paper, glass, resin, rubber…
Curiosity and diversity would only be the beginning of a definition.

2 of this artist’s major works were created especially for Château Carbonnieux and are exhibited in our tasting room

→ Learn more about Christophe Conan

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